Our guide to viable business investments

Local Connection Israel actively scours the Israeli and international markets for investment opportunities, manages mergers and acquisitions, and assists firms to divest businesses (EXIT) and find investors or partners. 

Our main activities are based on our network of Israeli and international businessmen, financiers, strategic investors, private investment funds, and key players in the financial and legal domains. Our network provides our clients with serious and prestigious contacts, and allows them to negotiate business deals in strict confidentiality, right up to the stage of finalization and transfer of ownership. In addition, we offer our clients the option of placing an anonymous advertisement on our website (advertisements are edited before they are uploaded), enabling them to interface, on a temporary basis, with hundreds of thousands of global investors. For exceptionally large projects, investors are sometimes grouped together (into purchasing groups).

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Business model

We firmly believe in our capabilities and in fair trade and therefore only charge clients who have successfully clinched deals. We naturally recommend our clients to use the services of their own lawyers and accountants while assuring them of our full cooperation.

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